Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles s02e14 (PSP, iPod, Zune


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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles s02e14 PSP, iPod, Zune


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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles s02e14 PSP, iPod, Zune

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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles s02e14 PSP, iPod, Zune


Video /Handheld


Source: Terminator.The.Sarah.Connor.Chronicles.S02E14.720p.HDTV.x264-CTU

Created with v3.8a

My encodes have been tested and found to work on PSP, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano 3g, 4g, iPod classic, iPod 5g, iPod 5.5g, Zune, and the new Android G1 phone/pda from Google/T-Mobile.

This release was tested on PSP CFW firmware 5.00 M33-4: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>
This release was also tested on Apple iPod 5g 30GB.

* Please ensure you are running PSP firmware 4.01 or above before claiming the release doesn't work on your PSP.

* For proper playback of 480 width material on the PSP your screen setting should be Normal

* Zune 30GB will not sync these directly. Zune software will transcode H.264 files at device sync.


Dimensions: (480x270) (widescreen)
Codec: H.264 / AVC
H.264 Level: 21
Coder: CAVLC
Passes: 2
Bitrate: 384kb (ABR)

Codec: MPEG-4 AAC Audio
Channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 128kb

Copy files or folder to /VIDEO on your PSP memory stick (use a USB Mini-B cable).


Sync video files using iTunes to your iPod.


Sync video files using Zune software to your Zune.


Want to watch it on the big screen?

Here are a few ways to do that:

1) Do you have a PSP slim? If so buy the TV out cables and direct connect to your tv and play them that way. You can buy regular composite cables, svideo cables, and component cables. I recommend these:

PSP Slim Component Cable (games too): rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

PSP S-Video/AV Cable (video only): rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

2) Do you have an XBOX 360 and a PSP? Hook your PSP to your XBOX 360 via the USB Mini-B cable. Go to the media blade on your 360, select videos, change source, select portable device, navigate to your video.

3) If for some reason you don't have a PSP and you do have an XBOX 360 then you can just put the video files on any USB device and just connect them to your XBOX in the same manner as above.

4) You can also stream the video to your XBOX 360 using Windows Media player 11 or uShare on Linux. To stream via Windows Media Player 11 to XBOX 360 follow this guide:!D48B90C1DDF5D401!297.entry rel=nofollow target=_NEW>!D48B90C1DDF5D401!297.entry

5) Watch via XBMC on your XBOX or Linux HTPC: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

6) There is most likely a way to stream this to a PS3 or play via USB device also, but I don't own one, so I can't advise on how to do that.

7) Use Apple TV: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

8) Use an Apple AV cable with your iPod device. Check the description to make sure the cable works with your iPod. I don't recommend the old iPod photo cable as it doesn't come with a charger device also. The other 2 cables let you charge your iPod while watching TV so that your battery doesn't die midway ;-)

Apple Composite AV Cable: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

Apple Component AV Cable: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

iPod photo AV Cable (don't buy this): rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

9) Use a Popcorn Hour A-110 rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

10) Connect your Zune to your Xbox 360 via the USB cable. Go to the media blade on your 360, select videos, change source, select portable device, navigate to your video.

11) Connect your Zune right to your TV with AV cables. For instance if you own a iPod photo AV Cable then this cable works just fine, swap the left and right cables when you hook to TV. Refer to the guide for compatible cables and pinout or buy a cable from amazon:

Zune AV Cable from Amazon: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

Zune AV Cable guide (shows pinout and compatible cables): rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

12) Stream to your PS3 or Xbox 360 using TVersity, refer to: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>


Note: playing mpeg 4 videos on Xbox 360 requires the Dec 2007 video update. You may also need to download the optional video codec pack. Refer to: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>


Need more memory for your PSP?

Buy the new Sony MSMT16G 16GB Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark2) Media: rel=nofollow target=_NEW>

Not enough? Here is how to get 32GB of storage on PSP rel=nofollow target=_NEW>


Apple iPod playback tip.

Don't like my widescreen videos not filling your iPod 4:3 screen? Take the following steps:

Main menu > Videos > Video Settings > Widescreen > Off





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