[3DS] Zelda: Triforce 3-Juushi (Tri Force Heroes) [JPN]


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3DS Zelda: Triforce Juushi Tri Force Heroes JPN


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3DS Zelda: Triforce 3 Juushi Tri Force Heroes JPN

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3DS Zelda: Triforce Juushi Tri Force Heroes JPN


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This is 3DS ROM #1984 (in .cia format)

Japanese name: Zeruda no Densetsu: Toraifo-su San-juushi

Translated jap name: The Legend of Zelda: The Three Triforce Musketeers

English name: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

Released for the 3DS in Japan on 2015-10-22.

This is the japanese version, and it is only in japanese..

For some reason, there have been tons of fake versions of this game (the japanese version any way) uploaded under the supposed group name caravan and kirin.. For some reason, every single one of the zelda triforce heroes roms that have been uploaded under those group names have been fake for some reason.. I am not sure who keeps uploading so many..

So, I had to scour the internet to find a real version of it.. Fortunately I found one, but unfortunately it isn't in .3ds format, it is in .cia format (or maybe fortunate for you if you like that format)..
.cia files can't not easily be converted back in to a .3ds file with out getting the original proper headers, which I can't get ahold of.. But don't worry, a .cia game isn't hard to install.. However, keep in mind that .cia games will be installed on to your 3DS's internal micro-SD card..

This torrent is a single .cia file inside of a .7z archive file..

You need a gateway card or maybe some type of CFW to get this to work.. And you need a 3DS with lower version sysnand firmware..
You also need to install the .cia file some how.. Most people use BigBlueMenu to install .cia files to the internal 3DS micro-SD card.. After that, you should be able to play the game fine..
You probably need gateway launcher version 3.4.0 or higher, because 3.4.0 introduced newer anti-anti-piracy firmware spoofs and stuff that are used by some newer games such as this one..

I have confirmed it to work at least with this set up:
sysnand: 9.2.0
emunand: 9.2.0
gateway launcher software version 3.4.1

If you are a beginner, you should go look at the gbatemp site to learn how to hack your 3DS (If your firmware is too new, you might be out of luck..)
However, these are the basic steps I took to get it to work:

1: Have a new-3DS (old-3DS should work fine though)..

2: Have a gateway card..

3: Hack your 3DS (research on gbatemp site to learn how..)

4: Put the zelda .cia file on to your internal SD-card using your computer (new-3DS uses micro-SD, old-3DS uses big-SD..) You can't just put the .cia file on to the gateway micro-sd card because BigBlueMenu can't access that..
By the way, on the new-3DS it is kind of a pain to access the internal micro-sd card, because you have to unscrew 2 small screws on the back and take off the back cover to access the internal sd-card.. On the old-3DS, the big-SD card is on the side and you don't have to take off the cover to get to it..

5: Search on the internet some where for BigBlueMenu, and either get the .3ds version of it (and run it from the gateway card), or find and install the .cia version of it.. (I did it using the .3ds way, so not sure how to install BigBlueMenu the .cia way)

6: Boot to emunand, and run BigBlueMenu on your 3DS, and navigate to the internal 3DS sd-card where you previously copied the zelda .cia file to, and install it.. (Installing it will take a medium amount of time (maybe 5-10 minutes))..

7: BigBlueMenu should tell you that it installed successfully, and now you should have a new icon on your 3DS menu (in emunand only)

8: Play zelda! And I believe that you can now remove the .cia file (if you want to) from the internal sd-card because that .cia is already installed now, so you don't need it any longer..

Gift Problem: When the zelda .cia is first installed, it will appear as a wrapped gift on your emunand 3DS menu, and you should only have to unwrap it once.. However, if your sysnand and emunand are linked (i.e. aren't seperated) then you will have to unwrap the gift every time you boot to emunand.. If you want to find out how to unlink sysnand and emunand, research about it on that gbatemp site.. However, if unwrapping it every time doesn't bother you, then you don't necessarily have to unlink sysnand and emunand.. Even when you have to unwrap the gift every time to start zelda, it will still save your game fine, and you should be able to play it just fine

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